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We are UK based creative thinkers specialising in advertising and portrait photography. We’ll produce original imagery for advertising creatives and marketing specialists who value distinctiveness, production excellence, and friendly and professional working atmosphere in or outside the UK


  • help generate ideas to create an effective message/visual style
  • manage projects from pre-production to photography and post-production stages
  • produce great result under very tight timeframes


  • experienced in working with high profile individuals
  • able to manage large-scale projects
  • technically skilled and stylistically diverse


  • shy away from controversy if such publicity is required
  • take jobs if we think they fall out of our area of expertise
  • hold back when it comes to producing the best results


Sane Seven was established in 2014 when two creatives Marius and Viktorija joined their wizardry to form a diverse and dynamic team. Marius‘ story began in 2002 in Lithuania in the leading advertising photography company that worked with clients like Saatchi, Leo Burnett and the likes. He eventually drifted off to pursue PhD in psychology, which added a whole new perspective on life and business. Marius now leads Sane Seven aiming to develop it into an internationally respected company working with the leading creatives in the advertising. His other ambitions include expanding the company into publishing to start producing inspiring books, aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Given Sane Seven’s style, the first book titled Secrets of Success: None of us are Superman promisses to be an unconventional read featuring exclusive stories by an impressive range of top business leaders including CEOs of Tesco, Rolls Royce and many others. His major likes are mountains, philosophy and sarcasm.

Viktorija, in the meantime, joined the ranks of creatives in 2010, after her never ending travels exploring the lengths of Asia looking for inner piece and her spot under the sun. With her collection of degrees in sociology, fine art and photography, in 2013 Viktorija became the creative director of The Collective magazine that she helped turn into a successful art, style and travel magazine with the international readership of over 1mln. Now Viktorija loves the most spending her time with a camera in her hands solving creative problems with the clients. She does that not only because she likes creating but because she likes meeting new people, understanding their goals, finding out their stories, and exchanging experiences. Outside her Sane Seven duties, Viktorija occasionally teaches at John Moores university as an invited speaker and is a board member at the Merseyside Youth Association. She loves chasing hypothermia on top of the mountains, likes challenges, and admires Anthony Robbins.