Portrait photographer Sane Seven captures Paralympian Stef Reid in a stunning and empowering image that showcases her strength and resilience.

Stef Reid is a track and field athlete who performed incredible feats of strength and athleticism to earn a colourful collection of medals at multiple Paralympics. Doing the split between the two bars on the ice was a particularly challenging pose even for an athlete of such a caliber.


It requires a combination of strength, balance, and control. Without the use of her hands, Stef had to rely solely on her core and leg muscles to maintain her balance in sub-zero temperature. Additionally, the slippery surface of the ice added an extra layer of difficulty, as any misstep could result in a fall.

‘I’ve never had to train for a shoot. It’s tough. It’s freezing in here. you have to be flexible and pliable but I could feel my muscles almost seizing up’

Sane, who has made a name for herself in capturing powerful images of influential women, created this project to showcase the strength of a female body. It was also a tribute to an amazing photographer Norman Jean Roy and his portrait of Serena Williams.

New York and London Photography Prize Winner 2021/2022

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