In the hushed corridors of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), something extraordinary unfolded – a project that I had the privilege of leading, armed with my camera and a vision. It was about capturing the essence of women who are breaking new ground in data and tech within the MoD.

I was fortunate enough to meet Caroline Bellamy, Chief Data Officer at the MoD, who had experienced first-hand the impact of my photography during the Women in Data awards. Inspired by her experiences, Caroline saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo within the MoD, to shine a light on the remarkable women in data and tech, and to redefine the stereotype-riddled narrative that often surrounds them.


The challenge was real and resonant. Persuading these high-ranking women to step away from the rigid, conventional military portraits and into something more revealing and personal was a challenge, but the payoff was immense. But the transformation that followed was remarkable, both for the women and for me. The project became a platform for these women to see themselves, perhaps for the first time, in a new and empowering light.


Tears of joy, deep, liberating connections, and immense respect for these powerful women turned the project into an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotionally connected to a project.

We aimed to create two contrasting portraits for each woman. One formal and close-up, encapsulating their professional persona, and the other relaxed, showcasing their off-duty selves. The contrast was striking, presenting a different narrative to the conventional military image.


This project has been a wonderful stepping stone, as I now prepare for an upcoming project, capturing portraits of female presidents and prime ministers. It’s a continuation of my commitment to breaking stereotypes and uplifting women globally.

Projects like this are not just about capturing images; they are about changing narratives and shattering stereotypes. The goal is to transform perceptions about women, replacing dated traditions with a new, genuine depiction of women who feel safe, respected, and valued. Through these projects, we hope to inspire change and continue to celebrate the incredible achievements of women globally.


New York and London Photography Prize Winner 2021/2022

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