#PrimeTime: Here’s to the best years over 40

I’m thrilled to introduce our #PrimeTime campaign, a collaboration with The Female Lead that’s all about a simple but powerful idea: our value as people, especially as women, isn’t tied to how old we are.

As a portrait photographer, I’ve met so many women who feel pressured to always look young. This is a wake-up call for all of us who’ve ever felt a twinge of worry about hitting the big 4-0 and beyond.

Shattering Stereotypes: The Real Faces of the Ministry of Defence

In the hushed corridors of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), something extraordinary unfolded – a project that I had the privilege of leading, armed with my camera and a vision. It was about capturing the essence of women who are breaking new ground in data and tech within the MoD.

I was fortunate enough to meet Caroline Bellamy, Chief Data Officer at the MoD, who had experienced first-hand the impact of my photography during the Women in Data awards. Inspired by her experiences, Caroline saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo within the MoD, to shine a light on the remarkable women in data and tech, and to redefine the stereotype-riddled narrative that often surrounds them.

Celebrating Strength and Empowerment: Sane Seven Captures the 5th Series of 20 Women in Data and Tech

For several years now, the annual Twenty in Data and Technology showcase has captivated the industry, honouring the extraordinary accomplishments of women in this dynamic field. This eagerly awaited event serves as a gathering for trailblazing, inspirational, and dedicated women who selflessly dedicate their time to advocate for and empower others at all career stages. As an integral part of Women in Data from its inception, Sane Seven has masterfully captured the essence of these exceptional women. In this blog post, we delve into the unique challenges faced by women in the male-dominated data industry, highlighting the critical significance of showcasing successful role models. Moreover, we explore how this groundbreaking project defies stereotypes by presenting women as modern, empowered individuals, transcending the conventional corporate look and illuminating the importance of this progressive approach.