In the world of politics, women often find themselves under immense media pressure, scrutinised for their appearance and judged through a different lens compared to their male counterparts. But amidst these challenges, there are talented photographers like Sane Seven who excel at capturing the essence and strength of women in politics. Recently, Sane Seven had the incredible opportunity to photograph Penny Mordaunt, the Leader of the House of Commons, for The Sunday Times cover. In a series of portraits, Sane Seven skilfully showcased Penny’s resilience, grace, and indomitable spirit, highlighting the importance of capturing women politicians in a way that defies stereotypes and showcases their true character.


For the cover of The Sunday Times, Sane Seven expertly captured Penny Mordaunt in her office, surrounded by the trappings of her political role. The photograph exudes a sense of calm and confidence, emphasising Penny’s unwavering gaze. The soft dramatic lighting adds depth and intensity to the image, accentuating the power she holds within her role as the Leader of the House of Commons. Sane Seven masterfully freezes a moment in time that encapsulates Penny’s dedication to her work and her ability to navigate the often turbulent world of politics.


In another compelling portrait, Sane Seven chose a golden backdrop that reveals Penny’s office on one side of the shot. This choice of background serves as a symbol of her significant role in the coronation of King Charles III. Penny, famously known for carrying a sword during the ceremony, showcased her commitment to upholding tradition as the Lord President of the Privy Council. The golden hues in the backdrop not only add a touch of regality but also emphasise the enduring strength and historical significance of her position.

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