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Telling a good brand story is only half of a story. Telling it in a way that makes people notice it is a different story entirely. We are that part of the story.

We are based in the UK and work globally with agencies, brands, and publications that love attracting attention. We can join a project as a Creative Partner from its ideation, we can help shape your story/tagline into an impactful photography campaign, or we can execute a photography brief with accuracy and precision.

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Engaging images have a perfect balance of seven golden criteria: daring, simple but clever, controversial, brave, forward thinking, noticeable, and emotionally engaging.

Based on the nature of the project, we will mix our styles and experiences to develop and execute a visual style that engages, inspires and moves people.


We love embarking on collaborative creative journeys from the earliest stages of concept development to the execution.

We partner up with brands and agencies to offer our perspective, photography vision and creative experience to collectively test the limits of campaigns' visual impact.

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We can help flesh out the brand's/project's messages and develop the right visual story telling direction to increase the campaign's noticeability and engagement.

To engage the viewer, we base our ideas on several key factors: how to make people notice it, what they should think when they see it, and what change in attitude that should lead to.

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Who we really are

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Viktoria Viktoria
Viktoria Viktoria
Viktoria Viktoria

Viktorija is the voice and the face of Sane Seven firmly in charge of photography direction and client communication. In her portrait and advertising work, she likes fusing her fine art background with her passion for human emotion and a fair touch of controversy. She works in tandem with the high-end retouchers and her creative partner Marius to develop photography styles most suited for each unique project.

We favour personal, honest and transparent relationships because life is too short for pretence and ego trips. We work beyond titles and roles because nobody has privileged access to creativity and great ideas lie hidden in passionate interns and hardcore directors alike. We believe that iconic results lie in creative partnerships and collaborations that can unlock the impossible and produce the unstoppable.

'There is always a way... '

Marius Marius
Marius Marius
Marius Marius

Marius' role is to flesh out ideas to help brands connect creativity with practical results. His aim is to develop ideas that are maximally appealing, engaging and noticeable but firmly grounded in brand’s direction, desired outcomes and available budget. His approach is to create relevant, effective and novel campaigns that are daring and brave, simple but clever, noticeable, and emotionally engaging.

We like to change, not to maintain, to challenge, not to accept, and to experiment, not to repeat. We work with people who have feelings, fears and aspirations and not with people who have roles, targets and titles instead. We value time and creative ambition because life is too short for 'good enough' projects and 'this will do' goals. We love controversy but we worship respect or equality above everything.

'Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, Rage...'

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