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Sane doesn't just create art — she spearheads a movement. She actively challenges corporations to champion gender equality, pushing them to launch campaigns that foster a new standard for female representation. This mission has positioned her as a pioneering voice in the global gender equality movement, making her work synonymous with the cause, much as B-Corp certification is with corporate social responsibility.

Bold, brave, and unapologetic — Sane Seven's brand embodies her spirit and her dedication to making a significant difference in the world. She stands as a beacon for change, an icon of female empowerment, and a leading light in the fight for gender equality.

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Sane Seven is available for portrait and advertising commissions in the UK, as well and globally.

We can help develop creative concepts, provide consultation, or join an existing project to execute a specific brief.

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Invite Sane Seven to speak at photography, gender equality conferences, discussion panels, radio and tv shows, and award evenings.

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We can help develop a powerful and engaging concept that will resonate with your target audience.

Our approach is centred around three critical elements: capturing attention, inspiring thought, and igniting change.

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Viktoria Viktoria
Viktoria Viktoria
Viktoria Viktoria

Sane (real name Viktorija Grigorjevaite) is the face and voice of Sane Seven. She uses her artistic skills to craft compelling narratives that authentically represent women, while simultaneously pushing for content that disrupts the status quo. Sane's role is to ensure that each project not only meets the clients' goals but also contributes positively to the wider dialogue around female representation and empowerment.

Sane envisions a world where every woman's strength, resilience, and authenticity are celebrated and respected. A world where the photos she captures have inspired changes in how we view women - no longer confined by outdated norms, but seen in all their unique power and beauty. Her dream is for her work to help create a world that truly values gender equality, and where her photography serves as a beacon, guiding us towards that brighter, more inclusive future.

'There is always a way... '

Marius Marius
Marius Marius
Marius Marius

Creative Partner and Manager Marius Janciauskas, PhD harnesses his expertise in psychology and photography to steer Sane Seven's impactful campaigns. His innovative approach and dedication to gender equality are key in molding our brand and enhancing the the impact of our clients' campaigns. From leading global projects on female leaders' portraits to providing research-backed insights, Marius plays an integral role in our commitment to change.

Marius envisions a world where creativity and research intersect to break down stereotypes and shift perspectives. He sees the power of art and narrative in reshaping the public's understanding of gender roles and elevating the discourse around gender equality. His vision is to harness these tools to spark dialogue, inspire change, and foster a culture that champions equality and representation in all its forms

'Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, Rage...'

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